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Bleeding In a Flame
Bleeding out in rivers
Tears from my soul
Tearing from my spirit
Wings that make it whole
Taking from me all that I am
Leaving me with the inability
Passion, desire, completeness to feel again
A heart lays quiet in its beating
Smothered under snow of love's winter
Afraid to start once more its pleading
Hearing only the minor chords of sorrow
Drifting in on chilled breath of winds
Bound is the whole of my being
Ropes of a loneness knotted tight
And yet a small thought, a tiny flame
Holds on through all in a fight
In a fight to keep me believing
That life and love are truly real
Oh sweet dream of an oasis
Is what it enlightens in my heart so still
Lie I here and seem to slumber
Under this oppressing cold
Yet that flame whispers a secret to me
To believe in the magic of a place scented with cinnabar
And filled with the arms of my love to be, as promised
In a dream so long ago
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An Angel Come - Hope Shimmers :iconlongpathhome:LongPathHome 6 3
Walk On The Wild Side - V2
"It whispers to me, in the wind, on the
sea, in the sound of the trees leaves as
they being blown,are pressed gently one to
another, manipulation of a breeze's power,
it sears as warm as any touch I
desire, I am the same thing, yet I am the
same thing not,, I am the beast, I am the
White Swedish Rose - it is all in the
perception of one's reality, is it not?"
"Is that not the beauty of its splendor?
The mystery that holds us all in wonderment
of what we have the potential to become?
I sought the wild thing - after the wild thing
subdued me - I sought the wild thing again -
and I found it. It was in me. And the
realization of it set me free, as the wild thing
and I did become as one."
"And the fire began to burn, and the passion rose,
and the moon called and the wind whispered my name,
and deep inside of me I began to change - and yet change did I not -
almond eyes became feline in shape,
and body slender and strong became body black, sleek,
covered in rich ebony fur, muscles ripple und
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Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Recommended DSM diagnostic criteria, per Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman,
c1992 by Basic Books.
  A history of subjection to totalitarian control over a prolonged period
  (months to years). Examples include hostages, prisoners of war,
  concentration-camp survivors, and survivors of some religious cults. Examples
  also include those subjected to totalitarian systems in sexual and domestic
  life, including survivors of domestic battering, childhood physical or sexual
  abuse, and organized sexual exploitation.
  Alterations in affect regulation, including:
  1.  persistent dysphoria
  2. chronic suicidal preoccupation - *Never
  3. self-injury - *  I allowed others to inflict injury on me
  4. explosive or extremely inhibited anger (may alternate) *  - extremely in
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Treatment of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment of Complex
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Herman (1992) divides recovery from CPTSD into three stages: establishing
safety, remembrance and mourning for what was lost, and reconnecting to society.
Before this work can begin, a healing relationship must be established; Herman
believes recovery can come only within a relationship and only if the survivor
is empowered.
Stage One:
Establishing safety
This stage is further subdivided into a series of tasks that must be
accomplished in order for the client to feel safe in therapy. First, the
therapist and client must name the problem. This involves not so much making a
formal diagnosis as acknowledging the trauma and its past and present effects,
both mental and physical.
Next, one must restore a sense of control to the client. This begins with control of the body: controlling physical symptoms by balancing diet, exercise, and sleep and by getting the client appropriate medical ca
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A Gift of Love
what is to live and what is to die?
where is to be found the peace for a torn soul
and a shattered spirit?
innocence is not a word known any longer
through the waters of memory waver upon wave cresting
higher than the first - carrying remnants of past
till -
a scream starts deep within you
a shadow of yourself begins to sing out in terror at the darkest part of your soul
a shadow moving through memories you hold not dear
an ear is inclined
a wing of fire dips deep
you are pulled into a moment of redemption
only to be shown what you love the most is being guarded
a voice speaks -
Don't weep
Don't weep
For naught shall enter the most sacred part
I am set here by request
I am a gift of the Morning Star
A breeze passes ore you
a warm caress carries in it that repetitive mantra
live -
k for m
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THE GIFT :iconlongpathhome:LongPathHome 8 3 True Horror :iconlongpathhome:LongPathHome 3 8 They Come :iconlongpathhome:LongPathHome 7 15 Forest of Night Terrors :iconlongpathhome:LongPathHome 6 9


Trophies of war gifts of peace :iconsomersetholmes:somersetholmes 28 32
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United States
Current Residence: Kimberling, a Land blessed by Angels wings and a Wizard's comforting, where a candle burns
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 4
Favourite style of art: all that are good
Favourite cartoon character: Pepe Le Pew
Personal Quote: Sh, be quiet in the darkness, those that be huntin' ye canna hear ye."


Journal Entry: Fri Feb 18, 2011, 4:50 PM
:blackrose::blackrose:"What sound do the footsteps of those that wander through the past have? Silent? Hushed? Whispers each one of what was once wished for, ripped away, made from dream to night terror, who can say? Only those that take the first step into the darkness on the long path.":blackrose::blackrose:

:blackrose:  The purpose pf this site is to take you on a journey, one many of you have already traveled, one none of you have, one that will not be pretty but it will be in both art and word of poetry and prose and news articles one that will be honest. Welcome to the journey of one that hopes to help you understand the Recovery Road from a Complex PTSD Breakdown with Conversion Syndrome. :blackrose:

To The Angel of Romance
by ~MozartsNemesis :iconmozartsnemesis:

A tribute to the Angel of Romance

It seems you think that love has left,
That passion's flown it's nest.
That all good things must end today,
before you've felt life's best.
In the darkness there you lie,
where fear and pain collide,
As though you'd lost your precious muse,
and all your tears were cried.
Oh Angel of Romance, my dearest friend,
Let not thy heart griev'd be.
For sunlight shines and birds do sing,
To bring God's joy to thee.
Love will find you yet again,
my words will prove soon true;
Friends gather in the quiet place,
To intercede for you.
Candles are lit and many pleas
are made amidst the night,
For the Angel of Romance to find her wings,
And show once more The Light.
To show with heart felt words to us
The things that we should hear,
To bleed her heart forth into meanings
That each of us hold dear.
Oh Friend of Love and things Divine
hear our desperate plea,
May the pain you feel be as the wind
And leave you hurriedly.
May all your fears be exiled hence
And replaced with joyous serenity,
And all your doubts be banished now
And God give hope to thee.


:blackrose:"Tears are not the tools to employ, nor is fear, nor is just joy. Grief, mourning, all that goes after, joy, sadness, sobbing, laughter, all are the weapons that we have to employ, only those, nothings more.":blackrose:

:blackrose:"And thus on black petal wings, do I this plane of reality depart, flying with a fragrance sweet into those meadows and finally forests of thorns and hemlock. Trust I not on but these wings and the wee candle that I in one hand doth bear, to guide, to light, to beat back the Shadow and guide me down the Long Path Home to a meadow of heather, where I may lay my head down and rest upon wrapped wing, with memories no longer so darkly present as to haunt even my most sought after golden dreams, darkest memories shall as leaves fall with the touch of Autumn's end to their haunting. And finally lay them to rest under the white mantle of snow, snow as beautiful as woven white lace that doth the bottom of Lady Winter's gown decorate. Then, in contrast, dressed in gown of gossamer weaving in every color of flower of Spring, shall I arise to move once again, a newborn, a babe with freshest mind's restoration out onto a plane of true life and happiness, that shall with each dawning come to birthing.":blackrose:

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  • Eating: Lightly
  • Drinking: Milk, Juice



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thank you so very much for the watch, very much appreciated :icongiantsmotherhugplz
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Oh wow! thank you so much for the faves and highlighting my work Katherine, very much appreciated :hug:
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:hug: <3

You are beautiful.
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:huggle: I'm sure you'll be much better Kattie! I will always watch you and support you no matter what you do.
LongPathHome Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011

~~ I am the Black Rose, an angel walking with borken petal wings, I am surviving and that is it, but I am also as the Phoenix, trying to arise, fighting through the ashes of the memories that are so present that they are like dark shadows that walk with me every second. BUT - I have your love and friendship and that is such a sharp weapon, a sword of someone that believes in me and that is unbelievable that I am worthy of that. THANK YOU my dear dear friend! I will always be here for you whenever you need me.~~

the Black Rose :blackrose:
The Angel of Romance:blackrose:
The Mistress Of Dreams:blackrose:
Ferelwing Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
:huggle: You always have, the least I can do is try to do as much as you do! :huggle:
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Wishing you ongoing:peace:&:love:through your hardships and I :pray:that you come through with flying colors dear Kattie:hug:
LongPathHome Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011

~~ Thank you my friend, your prayers are greatly appreciated. As is your love and friendship, more than I can say. I will beat this - this road is the hardest and I will beat this monster that hides under my bed. Thank you again dear.~~

the black rose :blackrose:
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